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Our Summer Challenge is back for 2017!

Inspired by Mr Meyer representing Kip McGrath UK at the House of Commons, we decided to create a unique way to encourage children to try something new in a creative way over the Summer Holidays.

Not only that we decided to make in into a competition with some amazing prizes up for grabs! Last years winner, Charlotte won an iPad Mini!

Charlotte Summer challenge winner.jpg


What you need to do

  • Create a scrapbook telling us about all your activities over the Summer Holidays. If you don't have a scrapbook you can buy one from us for just £1.
  • Hand your scrapbook in by Saturday 9th September and collect your prize just for entering.


Try and link your activities to our categories for bonus points!

 Good Luck!

2015's winner Samuel has written some fantastic instructions on how to make the best Summer Journal!

1) Before you begin, make sure you have a plastic wallet book and loads of photocopied example sheets already inside.

2) Once that task is done, plan what activities you will do as, if you do not, everything will be booked up before you begin.

3) When you have done that, start doing your activities since completing these activities will not only help you win some fantastic prizes but will also enrich your existence.

4) While you complete the challenge, make sure you take pictures, if you do your chances are doubled.

5) During these processes, print out the pictures, stick them neatly onto the sheets then write down what happened making sure your punctuation is correct.

6) After you have followed this process, you have a good chance of coming 1st or 2nd.

Click on the categories below for some inspiration:

Get Daring

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