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A great boost for the GCSE Exams

GCSE mock exams can be a huge benefit for anyone coming up to the exam season. Not only does the student get an idea of what sitting a GCSE exam is like, but it also gives them an idea of vital exam timings and pacing their work correctly. 

The aim of these GCSE mock exams is to revise and practice their techniques to enable candidates to achieve their full potential. Sitting an examination can be stressful, so applying these techniques will not only increase their abilities and understanding, but also their confidence in exam taking.

The exams take place at Shenfield High School. There will be a short brief to students on exam technique. 


The students will then sit two timed Maths papers, one calculator and one non-calculator paper. Just like the real exam, with no help. We have an unseen foundation or higher paper to cater for each students' required level. Each paper is one and a half hours.


Students will be sitting one AQA English Language mock paper - 1hr 45mins (reading and writing).

English Mock and Evaluation session:

As well as booking the English or Maths mock exam, you can book an additional 80 minute tuition session with an expert English or Maths teacher to go through the paper with your child in style of a workshop. During this session one of our expert teachers will focus just on this paper and walk through it, helping your child to evaluate where they have made mistakes and identify any gaps they need to work on. Spaces are limited and is best to book with the Mock exam.


Mock exam dates and times:


  • Maths - 2nd March - 2pm - 5:30pm @ Shenfield High School
  • English - 16th March - 2pm - 4pm @ VENUE CHANGE - KIP MCGRATH, 70 HUTTON ROAD, SHENFIELD

English mock exam is £45 for Kip Students and £55

Maths mock exam is £50 for Kip Students and £60 for non Kip Students.

  • Maths Mock and Evaluation session - Mock - 2nd March - 2pm - 5:30pm @ Shenfield High School plus Evaluation session 14th March - 7:30 @ Kip McGrath 
  • English Mock and Evaluation session - Mock - 16th March - 2pm - 4pm @ KIP MCGRATH, SHENFIELD plus Evaluation session 21st March - 7:30 @ Kip McGrath 

If you wish to book a mock along with the Evaluation the pricing will be:

English £75 for Kip Students and £85 Non Kip Students

Maths £80 for Kip Students and £90 Non Kip Students



Q) If my child attends Kip for Maths, can he sit the English exam?

A) Yes, also vice versa.


Q) Will my child get feedback on their paper?

A) If your child is a Kip student in the subject they sit the exam, their tutor will go through the paper in their lesson. If your child attends Kip for a different subject, you can book an additional lesson with the subject teacher at an additional cost to receive feedback.


Q) What if my child is not already a Kip student?

A) Non-Kip students are welcome to sit the exam and book a 'one off' lesson, at an addition cost, to receive feedback from the subject teacher.


Q) Can the papers come home after the exam?

A) Unfortunately, due to Copyright, papers cannot leave the Centre.




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