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What is Stepsweb?

StepsWeb is an online literacy program that we are using here at Kip to use as an intervention to help those students that are really struggling with spelling. We have 3 specialised teachers trained and ready to offer steps lessons to your child. It is suitable for all ages from 5 to adult. The main area of focus is to help improve spelling and there is a strong emphasis on language awareness, but it also helps to develop vocabulary and comprehension skills too. If used intensively, you could see as much as 3 years improvement in spelling in 1 year!


What will they be doing at Kip?

Your child will take a Steps placement test which will give them a level at which they need to start at. The tutor will then work with your child in their weekly lesson which is 1 hour 20 minutes to complete a workbook consisting of computer activities and written activities. They will be supported to learn how to complete the tasks.


What do they need to do at home?

Your child will have homework like everybody else at Kip, some will be online, and some will be on paper. The tutor will clearly explain to you and your child what needs to be completed.


For more information you can arrange a free assessment, where one of our expert teachers can explain and show you and your child the Stepsweb program. To arrange your free assesment either visit our reception, call us on 01277 554020 or send an email to



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