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What is our Spelling Program?

  • An intervention to help those students that are really struggling with spelling. We have 4 specialised teachers trained to deliver our intensive spelling program that is suitable from year 2 onwards. The main area of focus is of course to improve spelling but there is a strong emphasis on language awareness and it will help improve vocabulary, comprehension and writing skills too.
  • We use a blend of Kip McGrath activities, computer programs and of course the experience of our expert, qualified teachers who will work with your child every week in a 1 hour 20-minute session to improve your child’s spelling.
  • We move forward every week practicing sets of common misspelt words, learning spelling rules and pushing your child to learn as many spellings as possible whilst catching those repeat offenders and continuing to work with those words until they are learnt using a combination of visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and practical activities. We will then systematically revisit and revise these words. We will also work with these words practically as it is all very well being able to spell in isolation, but we want your child to be able to learn to write freely and be able to recall the words they need and spell them correctly.
  • Progress will happen faster the more work you put in, so we encourage the participation of online and paper homework every week.
  • All usual terms and conditions for Kip McGrath tuition apply so please refer to your parent pack for these details.