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Here at Kip McGrath Tuition Brentwood we love to teach, but it’s the feedback and results which really make it worthwhile. So hearing positive feedback and ‘glowing reports’ truly inspires us to keep delivering and improving every day. We want to thank every last one of our incredible parents and students for making Kip McGrath what it is today – we couldn’t have done it without you.
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“Mr Meyer and his team are clearly focused and have the child's learning at the heart of Kip's objective. The children are encouraged and developed in a structured yet calm and relaxed environment. They utilise written, visual and audio/IT packages to support the learning. This allows the children to experience different learning styles and helps develop confidence in all those areas. Kip supports the Primary Curriculum by setting and securing the foundation skills that once secured are then developed. Each child is treated as an individual and has a programme of development that is assessed and re-evaluated and changed as needed. Mr Meyer and his team also consider the anxieties of parents in an ever changing educational environment and he is able to support and reassure them on their child's development. A superb concept.”

Caroline G

Dear Mr & Mrs Meyer, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping Daniel so much with his Maths, his confidence has gone up so much since he has been attending Kip. We have never seen him so enthusiastic about doing school work. I feel the atmosphere that is created at your Centre can only help to relax and encourage the children. We feel so much more relaxed about Daniels transition to Summer School now, not only have you helped him you have helped us to. Many thanks for all your hard work”

Claire & Colin Chapman

“Our daughter's school does not offer any help in relation to 11plus exams, so we thought we'd start her early with Kip to give her a sporting chance. We also thought that some help with her general maths and English understanding would be useful. Kip McGrath not only offers these services at an extremely high and professional level but they manage to deliver the sessions in such an imaginative and interesting way which helps retain our daughter's attention. The teachers are so enthusiastic that this rubs off on the children. It certainly has with our daughter. She loves playing 'schools' at home and teaching us all about factors, multiples, fractions, percentages, decimals, logical thinking and MORE!!! She loves going and is thriving at school.”

Denise L

"I would like to thank you and your team and especially Lorraine for sharing your skills and expertise with Daniel over the last two and a half years. Lorraine has been outstanding in her abilities, not only to prepare Daniel for the 11 plus but, to also give him the life skills he needs as he embarks on his secondary education into adulthood. She has cajoled, encouraged and guided Daniel, each step of the way, in developing good learning techniques and has aided his confidence to continue to grow in his educational life. Whatever the outcomes of the 11 plus examination and whatever school Daniel joins in September 2017 I am full of praise of Kip McGrath Educational Services."

Fiona M

I would like to say thank you to Bridgette & staff team. Bridgette has been so kind, friendly, patient & encouraging. My daughter Darcey (age 3) has just completed the 10 week Get Ready for School programme. Her confidence to start to hold a pen, recognise numbers, sound out phonic sounds is amazing. Would highly recommend to anyone Kip McGrath Shenfield. Looking forward to her starting the follow-up course.

Hayley M

To Mr Vlok and Mr Meyer, I got into Southend girls high which was my first choice, Thank you for all your help with my 11+ work. Love from,”

Isabel West

My son really enjoys his time at Kip and can't wait until his next lesson. I am pleased with his progress and the fact that it has ignited his desire to learn. The tutors/teachers always give feedback and are flexible to engage your child encouraging them to reach their full potential.”

Janine C

“Highly recommended for 11+ tuition, infant school help and even lessons to improve English and maths at senior school. Very well organised and friendly. Excellent resources including online 11+ tests to access at home. Summer school enjoyed by 3 children, 6 years, 10 years and 12 years. My children have all improved and enjoy it!!”

Jeanette O

To Mrs Meyer, Thank you for helping me with my learning. You are a great teacher.”

Joe xx

“Just wanted to say...MANY THANKS....I owe you a massive thank you for beliving I had a chance to pass the 11+. I did pass and got into Chelmsford which was my dream. Thank you for all the support you gave me.”

Kenza :)

"To Mr Meyer, Just to say a big Thank you for all you've done. Zachary has grown so much this past year with his work, and we know that he is far more confident and achieving extremely well at school as well. Mrs Meyer and yourself are exceptional teachers and lovely people."

Mr & Mrs Thomas

“We think of Cellfield as our long awaited miracle. It opened the gate and introduced our 10 year old son to the literary world. He can not put a book down now.”

The Cellfield Program has helped my daughter with her reading. She came 6 months ago unable to finish a sentence and now can read fuluently. IT'S AMAZING!

I have improved, not only academically: I am now able to remember directions and routes to places I go to all the time, which I struggled with before, and I am more confident in speaking. I don’t stumble over my words anymore and it is amazing how 2 weeks of my life has completely changed the rest of my life.”

Dear Mr Meyer (and Mrs!), A BIG thank you to all the fabulous tutors and Thank you Mr Meyer for giving me a "brighter future"! Just think I was on a level 2H in Sawyers Hall but when I started Kip I was getting 6H in St Martins.”

“THANK YOU - Dear Mr & Mrs Meyer, I will be starting my medicine degree in September at UCL, and I don't think it would be right for me not to share the news with you, as the journey started during my period at Kip McGrath in preparation for my 11+. Thank you so much for your support! I'm really grateful :) Lots of love”

Paula Jeboda x

“Kip McGrath is simply the best education centre! Both my girls Leah and Lucy Hunter have attended the centre for over 2 years and have come on leaps and bounds! The teachers offer great support, are caring and make the lessons fun. The work has help support their curriculum at school which in turn has helped them succeed in English and maths. They are in the top sets. I would recommend kip McGrath to any parent and think it is the best business in Brentwood!”

Rebecca Hunter

To Mrs Meyer, Thank you for all your help, support and endless patience with Robin. I can say with my hand on my heart that not only has he benefited greatly but has surprisingly enjoyed coming! With Kind regards”

Sally Piggott

“To Mr and Mrs Meyer, Thank you so much for having me at Kip McGrath. For this reason I will be entering the Anglo European School with a lot of confidence and all that I have achieved here.”

Sam Chandler

Before Kip my daughter hated maths, we had tears every week over homework (from both of us) and stress about maths at school. We went along to meet me Meyer . Ella was only there for half and hour and was so excited to be returning. Within weeks the difference was amazing, her attitude towards maths completely changed and she started to understand how to do stuff. In the past 6 months there has been a noticeable difference in her learning, each week she is keen to tell us something new she has learnt. Ella loves every teacher she has worked with, they are all kind and really care about her individual learning. She now has confidence in maths and will try. Most importantly she is no longer stressed by maths and neither am I. Thank you so much to everyone at Kip.”

Sarah W

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the superb work done within the centre. Claire has enhanced her writing skills and her understanding of literature texts. The confidence gained is tremendous and I really appreciate the quality of teaching. Claire's work with Anne has been exceptionally good and I am sure that all this extra work will lead to Claire securing GCSE passes in both English Language and English Literature. Perhaps more importantly, Claire has developed a keen interest in writing which will be of benefit to her always. Once again thank you for providing such a valuable help to parents and their children."

Sharron White

I would recommend Kip McGrath to someone else because they explain stuff over and over again until you have got it, they help you with school work, they help you get into any school, the lessons are fun, and there is a lot more things they help you with. I really enjoy going to Kip McGrath and if they were not here then I do not know whom I would go to for help with my school work!”

Sophie H

“My youngest son has attended Kip McGrath, Shenfield for just over a year, helping him with his English after the school highlighted some learning difficulties. I approached Mr Meyer with my concerns and a course of action was planned for my son, I am delighted with the progress he has made as are his teachers. The staff are friendly and very approachable; they always greet us with a smile and are willing to listen to any concerns we might have. In my opinion Kip McGrath have truly enhanced his progress for which we are truly grateful.”

Sue T

“Excellent tutoring, friendly, very helpful and encouraging for the children. My daughter has really enjoyed coming here. I would certainly recommend to anyone, Kip McGrath in Shenfield.”

Tracy B