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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Spread some kindness around this Christmas by taking part in our Christmas Kindness and Thankfulness Advent Calendar....

Each day, from the 1st December until Christmas Eve we have given you a challenge to follow - all actions of kindness.

We hope you enjoy taking part. Being kind to people is the best feeling in the world and will make lots of people smile and feel happy this Christmas.


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Kindness makes our world a better place.... from Teacher Mignonne.

Over the past few years, seeing rough sleepers on our streets has sadly become a common sight. How do you feel when you see a homeless person with their sleeping bags and tents? Their stories are often sad, interesting or difficult to understand. Giving them a hot drink, a sandwich and a smile is almost guaranteed to make their day happier.

In March 2018, I joined a Facebook group called help the Homeless Chelmsford. It began with just the three of us taking a home-cooked meal, a hot drink and some sweet treats to 10 rough sleepers on a Sunday evening. We did this because there was nowhere they could go to get a hot meal on a Sunday night.

Now this voluntary organisation has nearly 800 members, and we now feed the homeless community in Chelmsford 30-40 meals each week. We give them sandwiches and snacks such as wrapped chocolate biscuits, crisps and cartons of juice to take away with them, all of which are very popular. We also provide tents and sleeping bags where needed and our volunteers bring out clothing and essential items such as toiletries.

Although we have so many members, providing weekly meals and snacks puts a lot of strain on our volunteers as you can imagine, as we're doing this every week!

Mrs Meyer has very kindly agreed to support us in our fundraising. I am going to place a box in the foyer of the 11 plus and secondary education Kip building (there is more room for it there). We would be so grateful if, out of your kindness, you could please fill this box with crisps, wrapped chocolate biscuits, juice cartons, muesli bars, thermal vests, underwear (small or medium sizes), hand gel warmers, wet wipes or deodorants. Just one item would be great - imagine if all our Kippers put something in the box!

We'd also like to offer you the chance to buy a badge bearing the slogan 'Cool to be Kind'. Kindness and helping those less fortunate than ourselves are something we can't stop going on about. Why? Because there is something magical about kindness: if you are kind, kindness will come back to you! You might sometimes have to wait for it for a while, but it will always come back. Go on, try it more and more - it's magic! You can start by completing the activities in the advent calendar or create your own - watch as you make others feel special and feel good about what you have done.

Our Cool to be Kind badges cost £2.50. Collect one, place the money in the pot and spread the word about kindness! The badges will be on sale in the foyers of both rooms during the weeks 1st December to 20th December proceeds from the sale of the badges will be used to provide meals and essential items for homeless people in Chelmsford.

On behalf of the homeless community in Chelmsford, thank you and Mrs Meyer so much for your great kindness.

Kind Regards,

Mignonne De Silva, 11+ and KS2 tutor at Kip McGrath