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Monday, February 29, 2016

Last week a website named was released. The website has been described a child of Google but made specifically made for children so they can search online, without the threat of running into adult content. Even though the website isn’t actually ran by Google the company who have designed it uses a Google Custom Search bar embedded within the website in a bid to filter out adult material. For example they have filtered out a number of explicit terms and celebrities including Pamela Anderson are blocked.

Other articles claim that when searching for other celebrities who are known for releasing explicit content the search engine has failed to filter out these results. However after searching these celebrities myself, it appears that the webpage has been edited as these results do not appear.

Kiddle say that the first three results listed include safe sites and pages that are written especially for kids. The next four results feature sites which include content written in simple language.

Even though the website is in early stages and may have some faults, it appears that the creators are quickly working on the issues. Of course it is important to remember that we can only shield children from so much on the internet. But it’s nice to see a company noticing that and helping parents out.

Check the search engine out for yourself at