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Visual discrimination

Nov 29, 2016

Visual Discrimination copy.png

Why is visual discrimination important for your pre schooler ?

Visual discrimination helps a child to see subtle differences between objects or images. This is a very important skill to learn as it prepares your child to see the differences between similar looking letters, numbers and words as well as other tasks that would be expected at school like replicating work modeled by the teacher in other subjects. The skill of visual discrimination also prepares a child for social interactions like reading facial expressions and body language.


Simple Ideas for developing visual discrimination:

Start with two objects- eg two play cars and point out the differences this car is bigger, smaller, red, blue, wheels look different. Then take another car and let the child find the differences.

You can then move to colour pictures and then black and white pictures or just outlines.

You can also play games – sorting out different pasta into bowls or mixing up socks and ask your child to put the pairs together.


For more ideas and some downloadable fun worksheets to develop visual discrimination , scissor skills and hand eye coordination  click here


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