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Why a study skills course could be just the thing for your child!

Jul 16, 2015

Have you noticed that your child spends hours studying but their results just don’t add up to the amount of time they spend working? If this is the case then enrolling them on the study Skills Course run by Kip McGrath Education Centre could be just what they need!

As well as being able to find the learning style most suited to your child to ensure they make the most of their education, the Kip McGrath Education Centre will help find any missing motivation and make workloads manageable and less daunting.

Concentration is something that many students struggle with but not many people know that this is actually a skill that can be learned! Enrolling on this study course will help improve concentration and make study easier. Alongside this, time management and organisation will also be improved making dealing with lots of homework and coursework less daunting and stressful.

If that wasn’t enough for you to enrol on the course,  it can be particularly useful when lessons require more notes to be written as it will help with note taking abilities, study techniques and help with overcoming and utilising exam stress which would be particularly beneficial no matter what year a student is in.

While this course will help any student in the short term, the skills taught will be beneficial for many years to come and will help right through to university and beyond. Confidence has to be nurtured and encouraged, something that the Kip McGrath Education Centre pride themselves on. To find out more details about this course, or have a look at the other tuition options they have available, click here.

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