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The 4 “R’s” of Kip Club according to Dani-Louise

Jun 26, 2015

1) Responsibility – You are responsible in

taking it upon yourself to do extra work

outside of Kip; Reading Eggs, Bofa 11 are

all down to you working hard! You will

also need to take responsibility of your

Kip Club Bag.

2) Readiness – Always be ready to practice

your Maths and English on the Kip Club

programs. Also, be prepared to start

working on those areas you didn’t do so

well on to improve your marks!

3) Repetition – Ensure that you keep going

over topics you find hard, even if you

don’t want to in order to improve your


4) Resourcefulness – Making good use of the

FAB programs that the Kip Club provides

in order to give you practice, confidence

and improvement on your Maths and


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