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Beaver Scouts at Kip

Mar 09, 2015

beaver badge.jpg


Doddinghurst 1st Beaver Scouts hard at work on their Digital Citizen Badge




We were both Scouts throughout our Primary and Secondary school years and was super excited when our son joined the 1st Doddinghurst Beaver Scouts a year ago and boy does he enjoy it. We love the range of activities they do , the wide learning that takes place, friendships that are being made and what the Scouts stand for. They have a fantastic leadership team and hats off to the leaders Fox ( Karen) and Bear (Steve) who are setting aside their free time, voluntarily to give 20 boys the experience of a life time. Because of our great experience and love for the Scouts we wanted to contribute and started thinking what we can offer. We noticed that there was a digital citizen badge and thought since we have a premises with 50 computers we can invite the Beaver Scouts over and work on the Information Technology badge with them.


Screenshot 2015-04-14 11.07.05.png

Look how we are concentrating on those Mother's day card designs.

It was a super success. The boys divided into 3 groups and rotated through the centre where they had hands on experience exploring computer components and also learned hardware and software terminology in area one. Another group was doing some internet research on who else than our favourite Scout - Bear Grylls, while the third group was designing a digital mothers day card and explored some maths games. The groups rotated every 35 minutes. At the end we had a little ceremony where Fox handed out their well deserved certificates and new badges which will proudly be sewn onto their uniforms.

The boys were a joy to have around and we all agreed it was a super fun afternoon.

To learn more about the Scouts in the UK  visit


Screenshot 2015-04-14 11.06.53.png                                             Screenshot 2015-04-14 11.06.22.png


Doing some research our Head Scout: Bear Grylls.                   

Exploring the different parts of a computer.


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