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The benefits of extracurricular tuition

Feb 05, 2015

In an ideal world children would go to school and learn everything required, be enriched and stretched to achieve their true potential. While this is achieved by some, it is very dependent on the school and the child.

What generally happens, however, is that teachers have to cope with a range of children in the class who are all at different levels.  Some children struggle and need extra help; some are so bright that the lessons can’t go as fast as they can,  and then there are the ones in the middle, the ones who cope well enough to not need much attention but who never really get pushed or reach their full potential because that would be time that a teacher just doesn’t have to give.

All children will fall into one of these categories and it means that some children are missing out on their full potential.

It doesn’t matter what level your child is at, whether in the early years of primary school or in their last year before heading off to university; it is never too late to have extra tuition. If there’s an area that your child is struggling with, something that they just can’t get to grips with or if you are looking for them to be stretched a little further than the school can thake them, then there are places such as Kip McGrath Education Centre which are able to help.

It doesn’t matter whether your child is top or bottom of the class, they will help all alike. Not only will pupils’ ability within a subject increase but their confidence will also increase as they learn at their own pace, however fast or slow. Their progress will constantly be marked and reviewed to see how they are coming on.

It doesn’t matter if this is something needed just on a short term basis to get your child through an entrance exam or whether it’s something that is needed on a more permanent basis, Kip McGrath is there for your children.

If you think your child needs extra help then contact Kip McGrath today for your free, no obligation assessment. 

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