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9 Years!

Nov 12, 2014

Lauryn Asare has been a familiar face here at Kip McGrath Brentwood for a very

long time.  She has been attending Kip McGrath since she was Year 2 and with

her GCSE’s approaching fast, being in Year 11, she is officially Kip McGrath

Brentwood’s longest attending Student.  World-class Olympic athletes train

diligently from a very young age in order to be the best in the world in what they

do.  Equally people like Lauryn, who have BIG future plans for herself, know that

commitment, hard work and dedication are key in being the best she can be.

Here at Kip McGrath Brentwood we want to celebrate Lauryn’s commitment and

academic success in offering her a 100% Scholarship in GCSE Maths and English

for Year 11.  We know this is not the end of a journey for Lauryn but only the

beginning!  She is an inspiration not only to other students but also to all of us

and it has been such a joy to see her mature and succeed over the years.  Well

done Lauryn and best of luck with your GCSE's and beyond!

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