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Tuition is about more than just learning and education – it can transform your child's confidence and self-belief

Sep 01, 2014

Hear the word 'tuition' and it's likely to conjure up subsequent words such as 'learning', 'education', 'lessons' and 'academics'.

And yes, at its most simplistic level, that's what tuition is about. If a child is struggling with a particular subject or wants to ensure they are as prepared as possible for an important exam or school year, tuition is ideal.

With the right support, they can achieve their potential and make real progress.

Kip McGrath Education Centre in Shenfield, Brentwood has spent over ten years building a reputation based on its innovative programmes and approaches to tuition. It has a team of talented, dedicated teachers and offers professional Maths, English and 11 tuition to children aged between four and eighteen.

Kip McGrath Education Centre in Brentwood is OFSTED registered and as such, adheres to all of body's regulations in regards to programme delivery, recruitment and vetting of staff.

It all sounds very academic so far, doesn't it!

But at the heart of Kip McGrath is the desire to inspire children. To build their confidence. To enhance their self-belief. To make learning fun. To transform the way they think about school and the opportunity it provides.

There are many children that are struggling or hate school, not due to a lack of intellect, but by a lack of confidence. Sometimes this is down to just one subject. Let's take Sarah W's daughter Ella as an example:

“Before she started at Kip McGrath Education Centre, my daughter hated maths. We had tears every week over homework (from both of us!) and stress about maths at school.

“We decided to take her to meet the team at Kip McGrath in Brentwood. Ella was only there for half an hour and was so excited to be returning.

“Within weeks the difference was amazing. Her attitude towards maths has completely changed. Each week she is keen to tell us something new she has learned.

“Ella loves every teacher she has worked with at Kip McGrath Education Centre. They are all kind and care about her individual learning. She now has confidence in maths and most importantly, she is now longer stressed (and neither am I).”

More than just academic achievement

The tuition at Kip McGrath Education Centre in Shenfield, Brentwood is all about results. It's about helping children understand, achieve and reach their goals, both academically and emotionally.

It's hardly surprising that many of the glowing reviews we see on thebestof Brentwood contain phrases such as 'Kip McGrath has helped my children grow in confidence', 'My son is feeling so positive', 'ignited his desire to learn' and 'non-pressured, nurturing environment'.

And this achievement often continues long after the child has left the programme. Kip McGrath Education Centre director, Schalk Meyer commented: “Just this week we received a card from a past student. She let us know that she is starting her medical degree at UCL this September. She wanted to thank us for the investment we made in her when she was in Year 5!

“It was very emotional and touching that someone – even after all those years – recognised the role we played in their future and cared enough to send us a card.”

Give your child a brighter future – contact Kip McGrath Education Centre in Shenfield, Brentwood today to find out more about the innovative tuition programmes available.

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