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Should you consider retaking a GCSE?

Aug 24, 2014

The recently-released GCSE results show that this year the number of test papers marked at grade C has increased, but English grades have dropped sharply.

Obviously English is a core subject so if you have not done as well as you liked you may wish to consider retaking the exam and improving your grade.

Regardless of later A-level success, universities often expect applicants to have a good set of GCSE results and may require passes in certain core subjects. They may also be concerned, and a bit baffled, if you have a good A-level grade in a subject you only got a low grade for at GCSE.

Most schools and colleges will let you retake your maths and English GCSEs alongside your other courses, so it’s possible for students to embark on their A-level courses at the same time as improving their GCSE grades in these core subjects. Some schools and colleges offer retakes in January, with others you will have to retake during the next round of GCSEs, ie: the following June.

However it’s important to consider why you didn’t do so well first time round - was it your overall understanding that let you down, or just some key areas? Maybe you just had a bad day, or failed to revise properly. Whatever it was you need to be honest with yourself about whether you can realistically do better next time when you will also have three or four A-levels to study for.

One approach to improving your chances is through extra tuition from Kip McGrath in Brentwood. They are very successful in providing remedial tuition in subjects which candidates have struggled to obtain a C grade, and also offer the kind of one-to-one tuition required by many students to improve their grades right up to A* when they need to.

Often it takes a change of regime in order to boost a student’s understanding; sometimes things just don’t click with students at school for whatever reason. Tuition at Kip McGrath offers a focussed but enjoyable environment which has a fantastic track record of results at all levels from early SATs to GCSE.

If you’re not sure what to do, have a chat with Kip McGrath Brentwood first – they have helped hundreds of students through all kinds of exams (it’s what they do!) so they can certainly put you on the right track.

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