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Jun 17, 2014

Decades of research have shown that during the summer holiday, children will on average, lose between two to three months of grade level equivalency in maths and reading skills.

This may come as a huge shock, but if you imagine how long it takes an adult to settle back into the work routine after just one week's holiday, suddenly the concept of six weeks without school having a detrimental impact on your child's learning makes complete sense.

Experts says that children may end up with 'Summer Brain Drain' unless their minds are kept active. A recent report suggests that pupils may need more than a month to refocus and get back up to speed. Not exactly what you want if your child is taking the 11 this September!

What can be done to counteract this brain drain without ending up with a very unhappy child who feels like their summer holiday has been taken over by school work?

Get in touch with Kip McGrath Education Centre Brentwood!

Kip McGrath Brentwood's Summer Programme is designed to keep your child's brain active this summer. It will help your child stay on top of their maths and literacy skills, prepare them for entrance exams, get them ready for the transition to reception or secondary school and provide them with essential tools to help them pass their 11 Plus.

Kip McGrath Education Centre Brentwood's Summer Programme runs from Monday 28th July until Saturday 30th August 2014. Centre owner, Schalk Meyer explains more:

“Children will attend for every day during their booked week, working with the same teacher on their own personalised learning plan each day. Each child will be assessed before the Summer Programme to ensure that we work on the right targets and optimise their progress.

“Our Summer Programme is not just for our existing students – any child of school age can attend. A free assessment is carried out for any non Kip McGrath students who would like to take part in the Summer Programme, which means that parents are informed on how well their child has ended their school year. It also provides us with essential insight into how to best tailor our lesson planning and teaching.

We do lessons from reception to GCSE, as well as exam preparation for students writing the 11 exam in early September.

During the final two weeks, we also have a Getting Ready for School course for little ones starting school for the first time in September.

Most sessions are held in the morning – either 9:30am or 11am so your child will still have the whole afternoon to enjoy their holiday. However, we have also arranged late afternoon sessions during Weeks 4 and 5 to suit all schedules.”


Week 1: 28th - 1st August: 9:30am and 11am
Week 2: 4th - 8th August: 9:30am and 11am
Week 3: 11th - 15th August: 9:30am and 11am
Week 4: 18th - 22nd August: 9:30am, 11am and 4:30pm
Week 5: Tuesday 26th – Saturday 30th August (Bank Holiday): 9:30am, 11am and 4:30pm

Sessions include:

11 Plus week
Reception/Year 1/Year 2/Year 3 week
Year 4/Year 5/Year 6 week
Secondary English week
Secondary Maths week
Get Ready for School

Please click here to access the Summer Programme booking form.

For further information about Kip McGrath Education Centre, please click here.

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