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Congratulations 11+'s

Mar 14, 2014

Congratulations to all these students passing their entrance exams. Although

some still need to decide which Secondary School they would like to go to, we are

pleased for them that all their hard work paid off.


Aaron T: Westcliff Boys

Ethan A: Westcliff Boys

Hugo F: Westcliff Boys

Eoin H: Westcliff Boys

Ingred: Westcliff Girls

James C: Southend Boys

Finlay B: Kegs

Michael D: Kegs

Molly S: Chelmsford Girls

Alex: Chelmsford Girls

Eleanor G: Chelmsford Girls & Brentwood School

Sarah B: Chelmsford Girls & Southend Grammar & Brentwood Scholarship.

Eve W: Chelmsford Girls & Brentwood Scholarship.

Katja S: Chelmsford Girls

Lucy Betts: Chelmsford Girls

Ethan B: Brentwood Scholarship

Danny B: Brentwood School

Abbie J: Brentwood School

Annabel E: Brentwood Scholarship

Amelie H: Brentwood School

Amelia O: Brentwood School & New Hall

Tiggi C: Brentwood School & New Hall

Alissa M: Brentwood School

Macenzie G: Brentwood School

Mia: Brentwood School

Marnie C: Brentwood School

William H: Brentwood Scholarship

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