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Online teaching system introduced at Kip McGrath Brentwood

Jan 22, 2013

Founded in Australia 35 years ago and regarded as one of the world's leading private tuition specialists, Kip McGrath was one of the first companies in the world to use computers. Therefore, it is no surprise that they continue to be one step ahead of the competition.

Traditionally, lessons would either involve tutors visiting students' homes with text books or children attending Centres such as the Kip McGrath Education Centrein Shenfield near Brentwood to learn with their teacher and complete both computer and paper based activities. However, to take the business into the 21st century and provide an increasingly fun, enjoyable environment in which to learn, tried and tested tuition programmes have been adapted to provide online tuition to children aged between 6 and 16. 

Kip McGrath has actually invested £30 million into their online programmes, which are set to replace the traditional, paper-based lessons. Not only is this beneficial to the environment (reducing paper wastage), but in this technological age, it is in line with the way that children work and communicate. Cleverly designed, the child is able to choose their own avatar character, background and personal award system. This means that, with their own personal domain, the student is more engaged, feels a sense of belonging and has something to be proud of. 

Still ultimately focused on the tutor leading, supporting and monitoring progress throughout each lesson, children take part in pre-planned lessons on a computer as well as associated worksheets in the Centre. Each programme they complete will record the child's progress and how long it took, along with how many attempts they needed to get the questions correct.

A history of the student's lessons are saved, which means that teachers can verify and monitor progress. Printed reports are easily accessible, so parents can see how their children are doing on a regular basis.

All subjects are included in Kip McGrath's online teaching programme – Maths, English and 11 exercises.

From February, there will also be the opportunity for students to complete their homework online in the comfort of their own homes. The teacher can then pick the work up electronically and assess it before the student's next lesson. There will also be the option of remote lessons at home in extreme circumstances, such as snow!

Pre-school tuition

Is your child about to enter school life? Why not give them a head start and boost their confidence with the help of the Kip McGrath Education Centre in Brentwood?

From February, Kip McGrath will be working with children up to a year before they start infant school. They will be given the opportunity to visit the Brentwood centre to be taught basic Maths and English skills, as well as basic mouse and motor skills.

Senior Maths Programme

In addition to Kip McGrath's already excellent resources, additions maths programmes provide more teaching tools and varies options for answering maths questions in different exam styles.

Give your child the best possible start in life – contact Kip McGrath Brentwood today for more information.


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