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10 Questions To Ask Your Teacher At Parents Evening

Nov 27, 2012

With the fast-paced world we currently live in, time is becoming an important commodity. There are express lanes in supermarkets, premier check-in lanes at the airport, and speed dating. The next time you see your child’s teacher at the next Parent’s Evening, it’s a good idea to be prepared so as to make the most of the limited time you get.

Here are ten questions that you could ask your child’s teacher in order to get the information you really want from the teacher in question...

Do You Think My Child Is Happy At School?

Happiness breeds success. So much emphasis can be put on achievement, but without feeling happy, it’s likely your child will fall behind. The school and home are completely different environments, so differences in behaviour should be expected. But if there is a marked difference, it needs to be investigated. Parent forums may be a good start. 

How Would You Describe My Child’s Attitude Towards Coursework?

There are many distractions in the classroom, not least the other pupils. But if your child is always talking, giggling or just not paying attention, there could be a number of reasons behind this, such as finding the work boring, difficult, or not difficult enough.

Is My Child Working At An Appropriate Level For Their Age?

This is a direct question, but one which can avoid any vagueness projected in an effort to keep the meeting positive. It doesn’t matter how your child is doing compared to others, it’s more important that they are at a level which fairly represents their age. If they’re doing even better than they should be, excellent.

Which Subject(s) Is My Child Good At?

Parent’s Evenings aren’t just times for discovering problems. They’re times for reporting the successes. Discovering what your child is good at can give indications as to what they are doing different compared to subjects in which they are struggling. 

What Do They Find More Challenging?

It’s great when you find out what your child excels at, but very few are able to be great at everything. Finding out what your child is struggling with can allow you to take steps to discover why there are problems, and take steps to solve these. Perhaps extra tuition from professional tutors may help. 

How Can I Support My Child’s Learning At Home?

Many parents feel like they aren’t doing enough for their child at home. This may not be the case, but in case you are concerned, teachers will know what more needs to be done, and resources which are accessible for you to equip yourself.

How Well Does My Child Make Friends And Interact And CommunicateWith Classmates? 

From arguing with the best friend to playground romances, school is a turbulent time. But if your child is feeling isolated, or has shown signs of being left out or bullied, there will be signs. A happy child is more likely to learn better, so try to solve any problems that may have been noted by your or the teacher.

How Do You Find Their Behaviour At School?

Nobody is one hundred per cent attentive one hundred per cent of the time. But if your child goes through these phases more often than is usual, it could be affecting their ability to learn, and those around them.

How Willing Is My Child To Participate In Class?

Nobody likes to be picked on in a lesson. If people want to contribute, they will do so. Asking how much they contribute could give you some indication about how confident they are, in general and in a certain subject. Bullying at school is taken very seriously. 

But, just because your child doesn’t raise his hand often, doesn’t mean he isn’t engaging with the subject. Some people are naturally more outgoing and eager to take part.

How Long Should My Child Be Spending On Homework?

Often, there can be substantial differences between how much homework your child is set, how much they tell you they have, and how much they actually do. Getting an idea of the amount set should help you to support the learning process at home.

If your child is experiencing any problems at school, or they aren’t progressing at a level they are happy with, don’t worry. Struggles are common, and can be easily sorted, always contact your school.

Kip McGrath Education Centre (Brentwood) is a professional tutoring service that can not only help to improve ability, but also confidence and happiness with school. 

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