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At Kip we like to take part in lots of charitable events to help the less fortunate. Check out all the exciting things we do below:

Children in Need

To celebrate Children in Need, we invite the children to come in wearing pyjamas, onesies, or spots and donate £1. 100% of the donation goes to Children in Need.

Children in need 01



Each year Kip McGrath supports Macmillan. This year our children were able to decorate a cupcake to take home for a donation of a £1.

Thank you so much for all your support for this very worthy cause. :-)

Here are some photos of our children having fun at Kip McGrath


Kindness makes our world a better place.... from Teacher Mignonne.

Over the past few years, seeing rough sleepers on our streets has sadly become a common sight. How do you feel when you see a homeless person with their sleeping bags and tents? Their stories are often sad, interesting or difficult to understand. Giving them a hot drink, a sandwich and a smile is almost guaranteed to make their day happier.

In March 2018, I joined a Facebook group called help the Homeless Chelmsford. It began with just the three of us taking a home-cooked meal, a hot drink and some sweet treats to 10 rough sleepers on a Sunday evening. We did this because there was nowhere they could go to get a hot meal on a Sunday night.

Now this voluntary organisation has nearly 800 members, and we now feed the homeless community in Chelmsford 30-40 meals each week. We give them sandwiches and snacks such as wrapped chocolate biscuits, crisps and cartons of juice to take away with them, all of which are very popular. We also provide tents and sleeping bags where needed and our volunteers bring out clothing and essential items such as toiletries.

Although we have so many members, providing weekly meals and snacks puts a lot of strain on our volunteers as you can imagine, as we're doing this every week!

Mrs Meyer kindly agreed to support this charity and during December, parents where asked to bring in a food or clothing donation to support this charity. This was a huge success and we would just like to say a big thank you.

On behalf of the homeless community in Chelmsford, thank you and Mrs Meyer so much for your great kindness.

Kind Regards,

Mignonne De Silva, 11+ and KS2 tutor at Kip McGrath