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Since 2005, Kip McGrath in Brentwood has provided top class tuition for children between the ages of 4 to 18. Whether it’s English, Maths or 11+, our professional teachers can really benefit your child’s future.

Your son/daughter truly has ‘the world at their feet’, so as proactive parents, you really can help them realise their dreams with the extra tuition we provide.

Why else would my child benefit from extra tuition?

Building confidence

It’s hard for your child to put their hand up in front of a class of 30, with the fear of getting it wrong. Our individually tailored lesson plans allow our qualified teachers to get to know your child as a person and to build their confidence.  We are there to TEACH, ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT them in a fun and vibrant learning environment.

Move up a set

Whether your child’s best friend is in a higher set or they want to do better, our teachers at Kip McGrath can get them there.

GCSEs, Entry Exams and and 11+ Exams

We have years of experience in preparing children for their SATS, GCSE's  as well as all our local Grammar Schools and Private Entrance exams, to give your child the needed practise and exam skills to succeed. Additionally we also offer many mock 11+ & Brentwood exam days at a local Secondary School, including exam technique workshops.

Extra attention

Your child will get just the right amount of attention. They'll have all the attention that they'll need in order to grasp concepts and learn the skills they need to develop; but our teachers won't be breathing down their necks - we'll also step back to ensure that they are given space to grow and aren't becoming over reliant on their teacher.  We've found this to be the best way of providing good quality teaching that your child can transfer independently to the classroom.

Going the extra mile

Whether your child is behind and needs extra help and support to catch up or they're ahead, ambitious and wanting to achieve higher levels and grades or even if they're 'the invisible child' - not ahead, not behind and not getting attention - we use our wealth of experience and resources to help each individual reach their goals.  We've also helped many children with dyslexia (Kip McGrath began in response to a need in extra help for Mr McGrath's son who had dyslexia).

With so many distractions and new skills being acquired in your child’s early years, it’s fairly easy for them to forget about certain modules and topics which could cost them when those all-important tests come around.

That’s why our dedicated team of experts here at Kip McGrath Brentwood identify any weaknesses and give your child more time to turn them into strengths.

Of course we know that every child is different and unique, so we provide all of our kips with a free assessment, allowing us to tailor our lessons to meet your youngster’s individual needs. 

Your child has their own likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses as well as talents and gifts, so it’s our philosophy and promise to discover key strengths and unlock their true potential to a brighter future. 

Meet all our fabulous members of staff!

“Just wanted to say...MANY THANKS....I owe you a massive thank you for beliving I had a chance to pass the 11+. I did pass and got into Chelmsford which was my dream. Thank you for all the support you gave me.”

Kenza :)

“To Schalk Meyer, Thank you for all your help, support and endless patience with Robin. I can say with my hand on my heart that not only has he benefited greatly but has surprisingly enjoyed coming! With Kind regards”

Sally Piggott

If you require any further information or you’d like to book an appointment, feel free to give us a call on 01277 554 031.

Your child is a star, so let Kip McGrath Brentwood help them to shine today. 

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